Collection: Movie Posters

In the days before television advertisement, posters represented products. A new art form was born with exquisite lithographs by Jules Cheret, Leonetto Cappiello and Toulouse Lautrec, to name a few. Entertainment venues, such as circuses, followed suit with their own posters. Then with the production of the first films came yet another style of poster: the cinema poster. Each country designed their own posters for all films, including ones not produced on their own soil. It was considered a great honor by many of Europe's best known artists of the day to be commissioned by studios and exhibitors to create a poster that would herald the coming of the next great movie.

Retro-reproductions has compiled a wonderful and eclectic collection of unusual images by both known and unknown artists. Each work has been faithfully reproduced in limited quantities to be affordable and tasteful art and copyrighted in the United States with the Library of Congress.

We hope our customers will share our enthusiasm for this superb selection of these historical works of art.