Collection: Floral Illustrations

All but one of these illustrations with a French title were done by Redoute.

Pierre Joseph Celestin Redoute (1759-1840) was a master of botanical watercolor painting. He created a publication of 144 color plates of flowers with some containing insects. His selection for each floral illustration was made from over 1800 different species. The publication was dedicated to the Princesses Louise and Marie d'Orleans.

Louise of Orléans (Louise-Marie Thérèse Charlotte Isabelle; 3 April 1812 – 11 October 1850) was a French princess who became the first Queen of the Belgians as the second wife of King Leopold I. She was also known as Louise-Marie.

Marie Christine Caroline Adélaïde Françoise Léopoldine d'Orléans (12 April 1813 in Palermo – 6 January 1839 in Pisa) was a French princess, artist, and, by her marriage, duchess of Württemberg (1837). Before her marriage she was styled Mademoiselle de Valois.