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Von Arx Magician

Von Arx Magician

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Born Charles Albert Nicol
October 18, 1871
lake Geneva, Wisconsin
Died December 07, 1958 (age 87)
Monmouth, Illinois
Von Arx (1871-1958) was the brother of The Great Nicola and successful performer himself.

He did not want to commercialize on the stage name of his brother Will, so used a number of stage names. Both Charles and Will traveled with their dad, then known as Nicoli.

In 1912 he assumed the name of "Von Arx".

He later changed to "The Great Chalbert" around 1918.

Chasan (from his birth name Chas. A. N.) was the last of a number of his stage names. The Chasan act was a Spook Show with magic and ventriloquism.

He died at his home in Monmouth, Illinois.

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