Sheet Music: Schubert's Ave Maria in Latin

Schubert's Ave Maria piano and vocal sheet music in Latin.

Franz Schubert, in full Franz Peter Schubert, (born January 31, 1797, Himmelpfortgrund, near Vienna [Austria]—died November 19, 1828, Vienna), Austrian composer who bridged the worlds of Classical and Romantic music, noted for the melody and harmony in his songs (lieder) and chamber music.

Ave Maria(Schubert) " Ellens dritter Gesang " (" Ellens Gesang III ", D. 839, Op. 52, No. 6, 1825), in English: " Ellen's Third Song ", was composed by Franz Schubertin 1825 as part of his Op. 52, a setting of seven songs from Walter Scott 's 1810 popular narrative poem The Lady of the Lake, loosely translated into German.

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