Le Tombeau de Julie 1803 - Jan Frans Van Dael

Jan Frans van Dael or Jean-François van Dael (27 May 1764 – 20 March 1840) was a Flemish painter and lithographer specializing in still life of flowers and fruit. He had a successful career in Paris where his patrons included the Empresses of Empire France as well as the kings of Restoration France.
Jan Frans van Dael was born in Antwerp as the son of a joiner.[2] He studied architectural drawing at the Antwerp Academy. He won the Academy's first prizes for architecture in 1784 and 1785.
The house of the artist
He travelled to Paris in 1786 where he resided there in the artists' accommodations at the Louvre, near artists Piat Joseph Sauvage, Gerard van Spaendonck en Pierre-Joseph Redouté. From 1806 until 1813 he worked as a state-protected artist in a studio in the Sorbonne.

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