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Monsavon au Lait Raymond Savignac

Monsavon au Lait Raymond Savignac

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One of the most iconic pieces from Savignac for soap Monsavon.

Although Raymond Savignac (1907-2002) had worked briefly for Adolphe Cassandre (1901-1968) before the Second World War, he did not become successful on his own until he was 41. This was with the Campaign for Monsavon soap. He claimed that his career began in 1949 with the poster, Monsavon Au Lait. “I simply thought of a cake of soap for Monsavon, and a cow for the milk,” he said. With a comic picture of a cow, its udders emptying themselves into a bar of soap, he made a visual scandal, and he went on making them well into his 1990s.
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