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Leroy Talma Bosco magicians

Leroy Talma Bosco magicians

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Le Roy, Talma and Bosco also billed as The Comedians de Mephisto Co., were the combined acts of Servais Le Roy, his wife Mercedes Talma and Bosco.

Bosco was a comedic character originated by Imro Fox of the Triple Alliance act with Servais Le Roy and Frederick Eugene Powell. Bosco was played by eight different actors: Leon Bosco, Mac Laube, Daly, Wilmot Hastings, Dr. James William Elliott, Milton Barley, Thomas Mullins, and Gene Le Roy (Le Roy's nephew).

Le Roy invested a lot of money in posters, hoping to use them over a period of time. When Bosco left the show, it was decided that the replacement would be made up to resemble the original Bosco so that they could keep using the same posters. One of Bosco's effects was switching the heads on two living birds.

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