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La Fille Sauvage Collection 1-13 - Original Posters

La Fille Sauvage Collection 1-13 - Original Posters

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La Fille Sauvage is a rare collection of thirteen lithographic posters from 1922, based on the best-selling French novel of the same name, written by Jules Mary. The book became a serial film release. One film a month was released, along with one movie poster (63"x47") depicting each chapter, over the period of a year. The extra poster is of the cast and crew. This series was one of the world's first soap operas. Along with this new cinema form, the times for artists were dramatically changing as well. In particular, WWI (1914-1918) radically influenced evolving styles. Art Nouveau was fading, while German Expressionism was exploding along with Modernism and Art Deco. The eclectic styles within this famous series are brilliantly represented by European illustrators, using the process of lithography, first invented in 1796.

These 13 original mint-condition posters are available as a set only.


La Fille Sauvage Posters are all 49 1/2" x 50". (12 posters)
La Fille Sauvage Actors poster is 49" x 64". (1 poster)

$65,000 set

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