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Jules Cheret Musee Grevin Magie Noire 1887

Jules Cheret Musee Grevin Magie Noire 1887

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Description Professor Carmelli (Auguste Joseph Coene, 1850-1919) performed his "Black Art" ("Magie Noire") at the Musee Grevin for many years, on and off from 1886 to 1918. This "design itself is not especially distinguished but has some of the characteristics which were to make Cheret well known: A central focal point-here, the Professor-and a sense of drama, whimsy and movement, as the normal objects of the magic trade-skull, hat, rabbits, fishbowl, eggs, birds-come tumbling about in these Instantaneous Visions ('Apparitions Instantanees') of the good Professor. On the other hand, it could be that the skull has frightened the Professor's assistants and rabbits are not so much tumbling out of the hat as they are running to save their lives. The Professor's stare is also interesting: He is a conductor who has lost control of his orchestra and he seems almost as mesmerized by the skull as do his helpers-and as the audience at the 'Seances' will be 'tous les jours.' Expecting to be frightened, yes, out of one's skull, was of course the whole point of going to the 'Magie Noire' show at the Musee Grevin". According to Maindron, all specimens are unsigned.


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