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Harry August Jansen magician

Harry August Jansen (October 3, 1883 – June 15, 1955[1]) was a Danish-born entertainer who settled in the United States. He traveled the world as a professional magician under the name Dante the Magician.[2][3]

He was born on October 3, 1883 in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Jansen came to St. Paul, Minnesota at the age of six with his family. The family's surname was Jensen[4]

At the age of 16 Jansen made his stage debut under Charles Wagner.[5] He then set off on a world tour for 5 years as The Great Jansen. In 1922, magician Howard Thurston, realizing Jansen's talent and possible competition to him, engaged Jansen to star in the #2 Thurston show. Thurston gave Jansen the stage name of Dante.[6][7] The name came from the original Dante, Oscar Eliason (1869–1899),[8] who had been killed in a tragic hunting accident in Australia years earlier.[9] In 1925, Dante the Magician Inc. came into being with Thurston as co-owner.[10] The 2nd unit Thurston show was built and co-produced by Jansen.

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