Everywhere You Go, Leeds, Kent, Graham Sutherland, 1932

Graham Vivian Sutherland (24 August 1903 – 17 February 1980) was an English artist who is notable for his work in glass, fabrics, prints and portraits. His work was much inspired by landscape and religion, and he designed the tapestry for the re-built Coventry Cathedral.

Printmaking, mostly of romantic landscapes, dominated Sutherland's work during the 1920s. He developed his art by working in watercolours before switching to using oil paints in the 1940s. It is these oil paintings, often of surreal, organic landscapes of the Pembrokeshire coast, that secured his reputation as a leading British modern artist. Sutherland taught at a number of art colleges, notably at Chelsea School of Art and at Goldsmiths College, where he had been a student. He served as an official war artist in the Second World War drawing industrial scenes on the British home front.

Leeds is a village and civil parish in the Maidstone district of Kent, England. The parish is located to the east of Maidstone. The village of Leeds is five miles (8.0 km) from the county town. It appeared in the Domesday Book as Esledes, possibly referring to a stream name.

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