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Disques Odeon, Paul Colin, 1929

Disques Odeon, Paul Colin, 1929

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Paul Colin (27 June 1892 in Nancy, France – 18 June 1985 in Nogent-sur-Marne) was one of France’s greatest poster artists. Made famous in 1925 by his poster for the Revue Nègre, which helped to launch the career of Josephine Baker (who became his mistress), he worked for over forty years in the theater, creating not only posters but also numerous sets and costumes.

The trademark "Odeon" was already registered on October 17, 1903 and was re-registered on February 4, 1904 under no. 66576. The famous Odeon logotype of a dome building supported by columns did not follow until December 31, 1904 under No. 75446. Both the name and logo are inspired after a famous theater in Paris.

Odeon-Record was named after a famous theater in Paris, whose classical dome is represented on the Odeon record label. The company has quickly drawn general attention by its double-sided phonograph records at a time when other companies made exclusively single-sided records, that was the industry norm.

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