Demoiselles # 5176,

Journal des dames et des modes, was a French fashion magazine, published between 1797 and 1839.

It was the second oldest fashion magazine published in France, replacing its predecessor the Cabinet des Modes (1785-1793) after the fall of Robespierre. During most of its existence, it had near monopoly in the fashion world as the channel of French fashion in France as well as internationally, particularly during the Napoleonic age. It was illustrated with fashion plates.

From the 1820s, the dominance of the magazine was broken with an increasing number of rivals such as the Petit courrier des dames (1821-1868), Le Follet (1829-1892), La Mode (1829-1855) and Le Journal des demoiselles (1833-1922), and Journal des dames et des modes finally discontinued in 1839.

Another magazine with the same name, Journal des dames et des modes, was published in 1912–14.

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