Cirage Jacquot, Lucien Lefevre, Les Maitres de L'Affiche

Lucien Lefèvre , born in Varennes in 1850 and died at an unknown date, but after 1902, is a poster artist and a French draftsman.

Poster for Jacquot Waxing 1894.
The life of Lucien Lefèvre is, to this day, very little known. He first studied industrial design and, perhaps, the art of portraiture, before exhibiting at the Salon des Indépendants in 1872 and 1873. Became the pupil of Jules Chéret , and first influenced by him, he began practicing the art of lithography at Chaix , then acquired a certain reputation as a poster artist from 1890. He appeared in three issues of the magazine Les Maîtres de l'affiche (pl 11, 55, 90). He remains active until 1902 and then loses his trace.

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