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Elle, Gustave Adolph Mossa

Gustav-Adolf Mossa , is a symbolist painter French born 28 January 1883 in Nice , where he died on 25 May 1971.

He is the son of the painter Alexis Mossa ( 1844 - 1926 ), author of numerous posters for the Carnival of Nice which strongly influenced Gustav-Adolf in his career as a painter.

Gustav-Adolf Mossa is a late Symbolist painter in the movement of Gustave Moreau , Lucien Lévy-Dhurmer , Edgar Maxence or Émile-René Ménard . Impregnated with his readings, Mallarme , Baudelaire and Huysmans , he was inspired by the masters of the Quattrocento , the Pre - Raphaelites and the Art Nouveau .

He produced most of his work painted until 1918 . Most of his Symbolist paintings are only discovered after his death.

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