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Ancien Chateau des Billettes

Ancien Chateau des Billettes

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The cloister and the church of Billettes are religious buildings Protestants, original Catholic the 4 th district of Paris, located at 24 rue des Archives. The church is devoted to the cult of the Lutheran church , united since 2012 to the Reformed Church of France, under the name of United Protestant Church of France .
Built in 1294, rue des Jardins , the church of Les Billettes was originally a chapel intended to honor a miracle that aroused great popular fervor. A host would have been profaned by the Jew Jonathas , who would have knocked it with a knife. She would have bled. Then, thrown into boiling water, she would have begun to fly. Hence the name of the site: "the house where God was boiled" where the edifice was built. Jonathan was condemned to death and burned.
The property of the Rue des Jardins and the other properties of Jonathas were confiscated for the benefit of King Philip the Fair . The house where the crime had been committed was given by the king to Reinier Flaming, a bourgeois of Paris , Who had a chapel built in 1294 on his site, which was called the House of Miracles. This foundation was authorized by a bull of the pope , given on July 17, 1295 .

In 1299, the hospital brothers of Charité-Notre-Dame (also called billets ) were called by Philippe IV of France, Philipe le Bel, to provide religious services. The church became so important a place of pilgrimage that the Billet community received a large volume of donations to rebuild the church in 1405 and to add a cemetery and cloister in 1427. Although modified and restored several times Is the only medieval cloister that still exists in Paris. 

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