Amour Defendu, 1932

Forbidden love ( Forbidden ) is a movieAmerican of 1932 , directed Frank Capra.

Lulu Smith, on the decline of life, revising its early years. Journalist, she has a few weeks off to Havana . During the cruise, by a curious coincidence, she met Bob Grover, a lawyer, which is in a false name. A romance is tied during the stay. Then, back in the United States, they continue to be. One night of Halloween , Lulu is looking forward to her lover because she must teach him an important news. Bob Grover then reveals his true identity. He admits that he is married to a cripple, and he blames the fact that he was driving the car when the accident happened. Furious, Lulu puts it at the door and keeps to herself her secret: she's pregnant ...

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