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A Painting which has no Peer

A Painting which has no Peer

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 Alan Wolton, b. 1934

"We are all so busy attempting to judge art. How can we judge art? What yard stick can we use on something that has never existed until that creative moment, something that has no laws or limitations to its style and beauty and is new with every busy stroke. What are you going to compare it to when it has no peer?

If our art can be repeated using only skilled craftsmanship ultimately reaching its level of maturity, all that "knowing how to paint" becomes a subconscious mechanism. The creative energy, unhampered by concern or lack of confidence, then spills itself onto the canvas. The educated adult drifts back into a natural state of love and joy. This freedom, like that of a child, is open to influence beyond the mind, thus bringing about original and uninhibited beauty of expression.

People discuss (my art) and pretend to understand, as if it were necessary to understand, when it is simply necessary to love."

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