Collection: Shell Oil Advertising Posters

Our curated Shell Gas Advertising Poster Collection represents one of the most important movements in British commercial art.  The process of commercial art starts with "a science" of marketing, research, media and planning. Some of these artists joined the prestigious list of a "Who's Who" of uniquely British art, such as: Paul Nash, John Piper,  Vanessa Bell, Ben Nicholson and Graham Sutherland.
The wit and vision behind the Shell Gas advertising posters illustrates a charming and innocent period of motoring history. A coveted collectible into the 21st century, vintage oil and gas collectibles are featured in restaurants, barber shops, and man caves around the world. 
Own a piece of vintage automotive and advertising history with vintage Shell Gas poster prints. They make for the perfect gift for the automotive collector in your life or as an eclectic piece of home decor.