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Mohammed Ali Stood Tall and Strong

"Like a Great Tree on the horizon Mohammed Ali stood tall and strong. He lost his life on June 3, 2016.  While he was perhaps boxings most celebrated athlete, he was also known for his strength of character and his battle with Parkinson's disease.

Our collection of Ali photos celebrates his life. While he devoted much of his life to philanthropic endeavors, he also influenced many others to do the same. One of them was Jackie Tonawanda, a pioneer of women's boxing, and the first female to become a member of Ring 8, the Veteran's Boxing Association. Dubbed ""the Female Ali,"" she met The Great One at his camp and sparred with him in the ring. Following his example, she was involved in many charitable causes, until her death June 9, 2009, seven years before Ali died. I was fortunate to have known her, producing a film about her dual talents as singer and boxer with Alex Karras."

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