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Koringa - French Woman Magician

"Art is present in every flicker of life that affects all our sensory perceptions. The great attributes of art are: form, color, value, space and line with balance, contrast and proportion applied with physical materials, like brushes and paints, and content. The result is what the artist portrays and how the audience reacts to both the intended and actual message. Cinema poster art accompanied early film production in the 20th Century, released in Paris with the onset of the cinematography of brothers Auguste and Louis Lumiere.

VINTAGE ART REPRINTS honors this art with a variegated selection of posters, chosen for their aesthetic appeal, and not necessarily, for instance, because of a  famous film. Just as an ethnologist helps to preserve cultural history of human beings, we are contributing to the preservation of artistic expression in the early 20th Century. We look forward to your discovery of these beautiful pieces of printed art. 


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