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Flowers in a Crystal Vase, Abraham Mignon

Abraham Mignon (21 June 1640 – 27 March 1679), was a Dutch golden age painter, specialized in flower bouquets.

Mignon was born at Frankfurt. His father, a merchant, placed him under the care of the still-life painter Jacob Marrel, when he was only seven years old. Marrel specialized in flower painting, and found him to be his best pupil. He accompanied Mignon when he moved to the Netherlands about 1660 to work under Jan Davidszoon de Heem at Utrecht. In 1675 he settled there permanently and married the daughter of the painter Cornelis Willaerts (granddaughter of Adam Willaerts). He died at Utrecht.

Mignon's signature - Abraham Mignon Fecit.
Marrel's stepdaughter Maria Sibylla Merian (1647–1717), daughter of the engraver Matthew Merian, who lived with Marrel and thus studied with Mignon, achieved distinction as a flower painter. Besides Merian, his other pupil was Ernst Stuven. He left two daughters when he died; Catharina and Anna.[3]

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