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Cemetery of the Church of Ste. Marguerite, Paris

This cemetery was assigned to the burials of the guillotines of the Place de la Bastille between 9 June and June 12 , 1794, the first victims of the Reversed Throne Square ( Place de la Nation today) before their bodies were sent to the Picpus cemetery. It is in this cemetery the body of the "child of the Temple" ( Louis XVII ) was buried.

Burials of guillotines
It was one of the four cemeteries of the Paris of the Revolution to have received bodies punished by the guillotine.

"From 9 to 12 June 1794 73 people guillotined Place de la Bastille and those that were beheaded for the throne barrier pending the opening of the Picpus cemetery , were put in mass graves of Sainte Marguerite 2 . "

Mass graves are being excavated.

There is a controversy over the exact identity of the "child of the Temple" in which the supporters of the survival and escape of Louis XVII 3 rely on the expertises of the bones exhumed in 1846. According to them, To prove that it was not the body of Louis XVII. Who had been buried there. However, there is no evidence that the body of the child who died in the Temple was exhumed in 1795.

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